Here be a salmagundi of odds and ends from my investigations and reflections. I will post them as they become available, so if you don’t find something to your liking, perhaps check back in a while. Law, poetry, politics, cultural criticism, etc.

The Sphalm of Legal Positivism

Bentham’s utilitarianism and its unintended consequences

Pytchynge Bowles

A poem set in 1588 A.D., and written in the English of 1588 A.D.


My annotated translation of the classic Anglo-Saxon travelogue poem

To the Middlebury College Development Office, 10/18/18 et seq.

What is the value of an illiberal liberal arts college?

The Vacuity of Costas Douzinas

A post-modern objection to the present regime of international human rights, and rebuttal of same

The Winnowing Oar

Wherein I attempt to regress from Pope with my Early Modern English translation from The Odyssey

A Footnote of Note

How would you like to know everything that every philosopher has ever said about whether animals have free will?

Brexit and the Curse of Westphalia

How the Peace of Westphalia in the 17th century poisoned the modern Anglo-Irish peace in the 21st century

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