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I am presently working on a metrical verse translation of Alfred’s Lays of Boethius, expected to be published in 2022, but click here for background and progress to date

Avoiding the Fate of Argos

Please enjoy my law review article, “Avoiding the Fate of Argos: The Duty of Trust Protectors in Connecticut,” which is the only extant treatment and analysis of Connecticut’s “pet trust statute.”

•Quinnipiac University School of Law Award for Outstanding Legal Scholarship (2018)
•Judge John R. Brown Competition for Excellence in American Legal Writing, Top Five Finalist (2018)

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Beowulf, the classic Anglo-Saxon poem of heroism, was the first great work on the English literary canon, and has attained the status of English national epic for its permanent æsthetic value. This book presents a new metrical verse translation of the poem that is fully annotated throughout, with translator’s preface and multiple appendices including a full bibliography for superior understanding of the text.

“Magnificent and breathtaking...Carnabuci effortlessly preserves the originality of the work, giving the elegiac narrative of the great Scandinavian hero a fresh and compelling reality for contemporary readers. Lovers of epic poetry will be bewitched.” —Praries Book Review (Feb. 2021)

"This might be the first book ever where I would describe the preface as a page-turner, yet that is the case.”—An Amazon reviewer (Apr. 10, 2021)

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Þær His Eðel Wæs

Þær His Eðel Wæs (“Thither His Homeland Was”) includes new verse translations of a selection of the most important surviving poems written in Anglo-Saxon, including elegies, gnomic poems, battle poems, and poems of Christian consolation, all presented in a bilingual layout for ease of reference, with translator's introduction and notes. Together, they reveal an ancient culture defined by its remarkable ability to shape sorrow into beauty.

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The Sole Palladium

We are at a moment in our shared national history when the freedom of speech has become a subject of controversy.  Both the right and left in American politics have militated against free speech. This is a dangerous condition for a democratic government, which relies on the free exchange and debate of ideas to function properly.  
The purpose of this monograph is to supply the inquisitive reader with a basic primer on the political philosophy, intellectual history, and present legal status of freedom of speech in the United States; to articulate an argument in support of a robust right to free speech; and to acknowledge and respond to some contemporary objections to unfettered free speech. 

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