Andrew Carnabuci

When your prep school awards academic credit for building a medieval siege engine

Andrew B. F. Carnabuci and Alexander N. Bazes completed the construction of a fully functional twelve-foot-tall trebuchet as a part of their senior project at the Hackley School.   Furthermore, the project involved not ust constructing the trebuchet, but mathematically optimising it for maximum lethality using trigonometry, which did not exist during the era of trebuchet use (trebuchets were used from the 12th to 15th centuries but Fermat did not discover how to calculate tangents until the 16th century).  It is therefore the perfect medieval siege weapon for the 21st century.  An additional component of the project was the shooting and production of the above film, which documents the process of constructing a siege weapon from start to finish.

All due credit to the Hackley School.

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