Beowulf: A verse translation from the Anglo-Saxon

Trans. A. B. F. Carnabuci, 2021

Welcome to the page dedicated to my translation of Beowulf.  Here, I have marshaled all of the information available to apprise you of its merits, to wit: a preview containing the entire translator’s preface, the first few hundred lines of the poem, and samples from the multiple appendices; the various editorial reviews my translation has received; and a live and unfiltered feed of Amazon reviews from actual paying customers who found my book worth the money.  

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Editorial Reviews

"In short, this new translation will remind readers of the joy of taking something known and reevaluating it once more; not to bend it to our modern view but in fact to reclaim its truth and present the modern reader with a raw and honest translation of a legend which has irrevocably shaped storytelling."
(★★★★★ Stars, a"Must Read")
—Kristiana Reed, DISCOVERY (Mar. 19, 2021)

"This new verse translation is both poignant and powerful. Carnabuci demonstrates a subtle interpretive pen, a deep reverence for the original text, and a penchant for poetic pacing that makes this latest version a pleasure to read."
(★★★★ Stars)

"Readers will be rewarded with a translation that brings the poetry back to this archaic masterpiece.”
(Rated 4.5 / 5; "IndieReader Approved")
—Christina Doka, INDIE READER (April 7, 2021)

"Magnificent and breathtaking... Carnabuci adeptly blends engrossing storytelling with seamless description and expert worldbuilding, and his tidy, engaging verses offer fresh perspectives on Beowulf both as a warrior and as a human. Staying true to the Anglo-Saxon language it was written in during the eighth century, Carnabuci effortlessly preserves the originality of the work, giving the elegiac narrative of the great Scandinavian hero a fresh and compelling reality for contemporary readers. Lovers of epic poetry will be bewitched."

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